Cohousing at Eura2016 Conference

Torino by Cenefa Urbana

I had the honour of presenting my research of Cohousing at eura2016 Conference in Torino.

The paper considers cohousing as an alternative to new habitational dynamics. Analysis present housing typologies in Madrid, actual types of household and defines cohousing. In order to know if actual houses are appropriate to the contemporary lifestyles context and if cohousing, as an intentional, collaborative and participatory movement, could respond to the needs of the new models of households.

The main goal of this documentary research work, which is part of a more extensive one, is to study the feasibility of cohousing as an alternative to obsolete housing typologies, to respond to the demands of contemporary habitational dynamics.

To carry out this research, four main issues have been taken into account:

1.- Study the current housing typologies, analyze existing social groups and their housing trends.
2.- Analyze the adequacy of the current housing market to the needs of the new habitational dynamics
3.- Explore and define cohousing
4.- Analyze the adaptability of cohousing to the new habitational dynamics

Keywords: new habitational dynamics, cohousing, housing typology, obsolete typology, sharing.


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